Easy care sheep

The Easy Care sheep have been bred on Anglesey for the past 40 years. Its intention was to produce a low cost, low maintenance commercial sheep with very few inputs to produce prime lambs ready for market.

The Easy Care has been bred meticulously over the years for its wool shedding qualities, hardiness, being able to breed and thrive with little or no interference or added foods and concentrates. 

The Ewes are fantastic mothers and lambs are thrifty at birth getting up and suckling within minutes. Lambs are born naturally from Spring and finished mid Summer as R3Ls.

Stock for sale- 30 Pedigree Easycare Rams for sale of different ages, yearlings to full mouth. Gold myomax, silver myomax and coarse hair type £200 - £800. Willing to swap for similar standard

Easy care sheep 3
Easy care sheep 1

The Easy Care is 2/3 Wiltshire and 1/3 Nelson Welsh, a polled sheep that needs no shearing at all thus saving money already on:

Shearing Costs, labour Costs, no need to dag (tails left long), no Wool around udder, sheep don’t go on their backs, lambs don’t need bellies shorn to go to market and they use less Dip

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